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Rocky Rx MRT Tire Review

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The Ultimate Go Everywhere, Do Anything SxS Tire

Rocky Rx MRT Tire Review

Conquering off-road challenges in your SxS is exhilarating, but finding the right tires to tackle them confidently can be a bumpy ride. Enter the Rocky Rx MRT tires, enrooted as rock crawling champions. But do they deliver on the hype, or are they just another overpriced off-road fad? The UTV tire market has been growing with more options than any one person should have to choose from. Buckle up, adventure seekers, as we delve into the Rocky Rx MRT tire review and dissect their performance, durability, value, and more.

Tire Construction

Rocky Rx MRT Tire

The Rocky Rx boasts an 8-ply Nycore™ belted construction, promising strength and puncture resistance. This translates to peace of mind when tackling sharp rocks and unforgiving terrain. The tread pattern features deep lugs with ample siping for exceptional grip, while the open shoulder design aids in mud and loose soil evacuation. These are also going to be designed in a competition or sticky compound for everyone that really wants the most traction they can get.

Performance on Various Terrain

Rocky Rx MRT Tire Review

Rock Crawling: This is where the Rocky Rx truly shines. Its sticky compound and aggressive tread pattern provide phenomenal grip on even the most challenging inclines and uneven surfaces. Excellent traction and confidence-inspiring performance in technical rock sections. The terrain that you will notice the biggest difference from most of the competitors is a smooth slick rock section. The Rocky Rx just pulls away from most other tires.

Dirt and Hardpack: While not exclusively designed for these terrains, the Rocky Rx holds its own on dirt and hardpack. The tread offers a good balance between grip and handling, ensuring a comfortable and predictable ride. The soft compound makes this tire work great on hardpack clay terrains.

Mud: While the open tread sheds mud well, the Rocky Rx might not be your best choice for mud bogs. Mud tires with deeper and wider treads generally offer better mud-slinging capabilities.

Durability and Longevity

Rocky Rx Tire

The 8-ply construction and high-quality materials contribute to the Rocky Rx’s durability. So far these are lasting much better than expected considering the soft compound and durometer of the tires. These measured 45. However, as with any tire, proper maintenance and avoiding extreme abuse are crucial for maximizing lifespan.

Size and Fitment Options

Currently, the Rocky Rx comes in a single size: 35x10r15. They weigh in at 54.8 pounds and measure just over 34 inches tall. This limits its compatibility to larger UTVs with high horsepower. While MRT might expand size options in the future, consider if this size fits your specific UTV before pulling the trigger.

Price and Value

The Rocky Rx sits at a slightly higher price point compared to some competitors. However, many users consider the performance and durability trade-off worthwhile, especially for serious rock crawlers. Ultimately, the value proposition depends on your individual needs and riding style.


The Rocky Rx MRT tires are undeniably impressive for rock crawling, offering exceptional grip, durability, and confidence-inspiring performance. However, their limited size options and slightly higher price might deter some users. If you’re a serious rock crawler seeking the ultimate grip and don’t mind the premium, the Rocky Rx is a top contender. Otherwise, consider your specific needs and budget before making a decision.

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