About Me

Hey there! I’m Johnny Croft, a die-hard offroad enthusiast with a passion for tearing up the trails in Side-by-Sides.  I’ve been navigating the dirt paths since my teenage years, accumulating nearly three decades of experience in the exhilarating world of offroad adventures.

Over the years, I’ve become deeply entrenched in the SxS market, making it my mission to explore and evaluate a plethora of products. With each ride, I embark on a quest to uncover the gems and expose the duds in the world of offroad gear. My goal is simple: to equip you with real-world insights so you can make informed decisions about the equipment you invest in.

Why? Because I understand firsthand the financial commitment that comes with this adrenaline-fueled hobby. Offroading is more than just a pastime, it’s a lifestyle. It’s about finding the perfect balance between power, performance, and durability in the equipment you choose.

On this blog, I share honest reviews of the latest and greatest products in the SxS market. No fluff, no marketing gimmicks, just genuine feedback from someone who’s been around the offroad block more times than I can count. Whether you’re a seasoned offroad veteran or a newcomer gearing up for your first adventure, my aim is to guide you towards gear that fits your riding style and preferences.

Join me on this journey through the dusty trails and muddy terrains as we navigate the ever evolving landscape of offroad excellence. Let’s make sure your next offroad experience is not just thrilling but equipped with the best gear suited for your unique adventures.

Get In, Harness Up, and Lets Ride

 Johnny Croft